YS Street Food

Y is owner Zhen’s first name letter and S is his wife’s first name letter. YS is Chinese traditional street food, owned by couple (Zhen Yi and Yuli Shen). They both from northeast of China: Shenyang. Barbecue is very popular in northeast of China like sizzling squid and skewers. So they want to bring their hometown food to the United States, so that everyone can better understand Chinese food culture. we hope we can give you a good taste, and you can eat well and be healthy in your busy work! thank you!
  • Vegetarian, vegan options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash
  • Trailer

Truck Menu

BBQ rice bowl – $11.99

spicy chicken/pork belly (add $1.00)/beef(add$1.00)/fried tofu. included: steamed rice, three side dishes.

popcorn chicken rice bowl – $11.99

included popcorn chicken, steamed rice and three side dishes.

Skewers rice box – $12.99

pork belly or lamb, or you can do mix. included steamed rice, three side dishes, and four skewers.

Dumplings box – $11.99

pork, shrimp&veg(add$1.00)/pork&veg/chicken&veg/veg&mushroom. included 12 pieces and two side dishes (veg 15 pieces)

side dishes – $1.5

rice bowl can choose three, dumplings can choose two. extra $1.5

topping sauce(barbecue only )– $0.5

extra $0.5

appetizer popcorn chicken – $7.99

one tray popcorn

appetizer skewers – $8.99

lamb or pork belly (included four skewers)

appetizer sizzling squid– $8.99

one piece squid

fresh tea – $3.5

lemon black tea/honey green tea/ low sugar green tea

Milk tea – $3.5

Thai tea/black milk tea/green milk tea/oolong milk tea

fruit tea – $4

passionfruit or strawberry

matcha green milk tea – $4.5

matcha ice cream on top


Aug 01 2020


4:30 pm

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