Polish Cuisine on Wheels

Witamy! Welcome to the world of Polish cuisine, rich in a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices. Pierogi, golabki, kielbasa, goulash, zupa…our dishes are hearty and prepared fresh with generous love and dedication. We serve the authentic home style Polish food prepared onsite with love. *Vegetarian, gluten free options available *Accepts credit cards and cash
  • Vegetarian, gluten free options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash

Truck Menu

Dill Pickle Soup (zupa ogorkowa) Combo– $11.99

12oz of cup of our best selling soup – dill pickle soup or zupa ogorkowa. This refreshing sup is based on chicken broth with generous chunks of chicken meet and shredded dill pickles. Combo includes 5 pierogies of your choice.

Zapiekanka – Polish Pizza – $9.99

This is one of the most popular street food in Poland since 1970’s. Try our version of Polish of zapiekanka (Polish pronunciation: [zapʲɛˈkaŋka]. A Open face sandwich made of European style baguette,sauteed slices of smoked sausage with bacon bits, mushrooms and Mozzarella cheese and spinach. Garnished with fresh greens and sriracha mayo & ketchup

Polish Pickle Soup (zupa ogorkowa) – $7.99

A perfect addition to a chili winter evening. This warming and fulfilling cup of soup would turn your chili evening into a cozy night with the help of red wine or few good beers.

Stuffed Cabbage-Golabki-Cabbage Roll– $12.99

Golabki [ɡɔˈwɔmpki] – Polish Cabbage Rolls or Stuffed Cabbage is one of the most popular dishes in Polish Cuisine. This dish is made from boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around a filling of ground pork, chopped onions, spices and rice. An order includes 2 golabki (cabbage rolls) garnished with homemade tomato sauce and sprinkled with dill. Gluten Free meal

Sauerkraut and Mushrooms Pierogi– $11.99

Pierogi stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms are a traditional Christmas Eve dish. However we serve them as a vegetarian dish during the entire year. We serve them with caramelized onions garnished with fresh dill or parsley. 8 pieces per order. *Vegetarian dish

Polish Platter or Polish Sampler – $14.99

Our best seller Polish sampler is packed with a few Polish goodies. Try a bite of everything served on a single plate: 1 sausage ,1 stuffed cabbage, 4 pierogi of your choice, sauerkraut salad. Garnished with fresh dill served with and tomato sauce. Enjoy it – Smacznego!

Meat Pierogi – Meat Dumplings – Polish dumplings – $11.99

Our delicious homemade meat pierogi (Polish dumplings) are served hot or cold Garnished with sautéed onions, bacon bits, served with sour cream. 8 pieces per order. This dish is also known throughout Central & Eastern Europe as Perogi, pirogi, pirohy, pyrohy, varenyky, vareniki, peroge, and piroshki.

Kiebaska Pocket – Hungry Man’s Lunch – $8.99

This sandwich is for the really hungry guy or gal. Hearty and full of meat can satisfy any appetite. European style hero-type bun is a stuffed with glazed slices of our house premiere sausage (kiebaska) with glazed onions, green and red peppers, and garlic. Finished off with our horseradish sauce, yellow mustard, ketchup and pickles.

Kiebaska (Hot Dog) Polish Hot Dog– $9.99

This one of a kind Polish Hot Dog is a 8oz of pure smoked pork meat made from “Old World Recipe” Served on a full-size European style bun. Packed with fresh diced onions, pickles, and homemade sauerkraut. Garnished with yellow mustard, ketchup, and horseradish home-special sauce.

Potato Cheese Pierogi Dumplings– $11.99

Try our homemade cheese potatoes pierogi – potatoes dumplings (8 pcs) Garnished with sautéed onions, bacon bits, served with sour cream. Polish dumplings are the staple of Polish cuisine. We serve it with many variations of fillings from fruit during the spring and summer to different type of meats or cheeses. Vegetarian dish


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