The Cheese Pit

The Cheese Pit offers a range of sandwiches made by using fresh Sourdough bread that is topped with fresh local ingredients! The sandwiches range from the Old Skool, to the Soccer Mom, and can be paired with a number of sides. In addition, there is an option for vegan and gluten free sandwiches! These sandwiches feature many types of meat and cheese options and can be custom ordered!
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options available
  • Accepts credit cards and cash

Truck Menu

The Old Skool– $8

Good Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese Sammich For A Good Old Fashioned Price. American Cheese On Grilled Sourdough

Sweet Baby Ray’s– $9

Skely’s Fave! Smoked Ham Smothered In Gouda Cheese, Topped With Our Own Concoction Of Sweet Baby Ray’S Bbq Sauce With A Horseradish Kick, On Grilled Sourdough

Turkey Bliss– $10

An All Time Classic, Melted Into A State Of Bliss. Turkey-Breast, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese & Our Original Honey-Garlic Mustard Sauce, On Grilled Sourdough

The Soccer Mom– $10

A Beautiful Union Of Sweet & Savory. Thinly Sliced Green Apple. Thickly Sliced Brie Cheese. Topped With Baby Arugula And A Hint Of Orange Citrus Glaze On Grilled Sourdough Bread

Pepper Bomb– $10

P, P, P, Peppaaa Bomb! Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalepeno Peppers, Jalepeno Potato Chips, Maple-Srirocha Sauce, Apple-Smoked Bacon….You. Are. Welcome.

Rise n’ Shine– $10

Your Anytime Breakfast Sammie. Apple-Smoked Bacon & Two Fried Eggs, Smothered In White Cheddar Cheese Atop Our Original Maple-Sriracha Sauce, On Grilled Sourdough

Meat Luvva’s– $10

Are You Obsessed Wth Meat & Cheese Like Us? Well, This One’S For You Buddy! Smoked Ham, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Turkey-Breast, Smothered In A Healthy Dose Of White Cheddar & Gouda Cheeses With Our Original Honey-Garlic Mustard Sauce

Cheese Luvva’s– $10

‘Coz Who Doesn’T Love More Cheese To Their Grill?! Melted Heaven As Smoked Gouda, Swiss, Sharp White Cheddar, & American Cheeses

Goodie 2 Shoes– $9

A New Twist On “The Old Skool.” This Ain’T Your Mama’S Vegan Sammich… Mouthwatering Tomato-Cayenne Chao Vegan Cheese, Melted On Grilled Sourdough

Create Your Own Cheesyliciousness– $8

Your Choice Of Cheese…Plus… Add Extra Cheese – Brie, Swiss, Gouda, American, White Cheddar ($1 each) Add Your Favorite Meat – Smoked Ham, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Turkey-Breast ($1.50 each) Add Your Favorite Veggie – Crisp Green Apple Slices, Baby Arugula, Fresh Tomato Slices, Fresh Or Caramelized Onions, Jalepenos (0.50 Each)

Black ‘n Tan …..Dessert Sando– $8

A Match Made In Heaven. Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut & Reese’S Peanut Butter Spread, Melded Into A Taste-Bud Extravaganza On Grilled Sourdough


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